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in Alpha Park ... and vice versa!

Between sea and mountain, between fear and fascination between environmental protection and economic development, Alpha Park and the Oceanographic Museum are united around two large predators, wolves and sharks, to offer you a wonderful journey to more near the wilderness ...

How not to draw a parallel between the shark and the Wolf ? Symbols of wild nature, these two species are placed on top of the food chain in their respective territories . When one dominates the oceans and regulates marine ecosystems, the other reigns on his land.

In turn sparking fear and fascination of men, these two species have inspired through the tales and legends time . Today, casting a bridge between sea and mountains, the Oceanographic Museum and the Alpha Park began a new story, the story of an encounter between two worlds where the visitor can venture respectfully in the footsteps of two mythical species.

In Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum is through an exhibition - feeling about sharks, you discover the true nature of sea lords. In the Mercantour, you will go on the trail of the wolf, legendary predator, the heart of the magnificent valley of Boréon...

This winter in ALpha

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Nos partenariats
La réserve des Monts d’Azur

Reserve Monts d'Azur is a unique reserve in Europe without barriers or netting, entirely dedicated to wildlife.

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Le Jardin Exotique de Monaco

Le Jardin Exotique de Monaco gathers, in a prestigious setting , a wide variety of plants known as "succulents".

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Musée océanographique

Alpha and le Musée océanographique unite around two large predators, to offer you a fantastic trip as close to the wild.

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