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On presentation of your Exotic Garden of Monaco admission ticket , enjoy preferential rates at Alpha Park * ... and vice versa !

The Exotic Garden of Monaco has remained unique since it opened to the public in 1933. It brings together in the open, in a prestigious setting , a wide variety of plants called " succulent " . Succulents are plants that have developed several adaptations to dry climates , the most spectacular of which is that owning an organ (leaf, stem) hypertrophied storing water reserves. Cacti (or cactus ) is the most representative family of this set . It is distinguished by the absence of sheets replaced by spines.

Plants acclimated in this garden come from more distant dry areas ( hence the term "exotic" ) southwest of the United States , Mexico, Central and South America for cacti and agaves ; South Africa , Eastern and Arabian Peninsula for other succulents . Despite their extravagant shapes , these are plants full regularly producing flowers to reproduce.

The blooms are spread practically throughout the year depending on the place of origin of each species : winter for Aloe and African Crassula , spring and summer for most cacti . Contrary to popular belief only a small cactus blooms at night. Many people produce large colorful flowers and diurnal .

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